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BRICS to achieve a safer and more harmonious world - Putin

At the BRICS parliamentary forum held in St Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the pivotal role of BRICS nations in fostering a safer and more harmonious global environment.
In his address on Thursday, Putin highlighted the collaborative potential of BRICS to contribute significantly towards global peace and stability.
He underscored the importance of mutual cooperation and collective efforts among BRICS countries to tackle global challenges, promote economic development, and ensure a balanced world order.
"We will be able to achieve the maximum implementation of the economic, investment, technological, and human potential of our countries, and strengthen the constructive influence of BRICS on global processes," he said.

BRICS Developing Independent Financial System, Russian Envoy

BRICS countries are developing an independent financial system free from third-party dominance, according to Russian Ambassador to China, Igor Morgulov.
Speaking at the 12th World Peace Forum in Beijing, Morgulov noted the increasing volume of Russia's transactions in national currencies with other BRICS nations.
He highlighted that Russia-China trade has reached $240 billion, with 92% of settlements in rubles and yuans.
Morgulov emphasized that BRICS is moving away from dollar dominance, developing mechanisms for an independent financial system.
Although a new single currency is not imminent, the group, which now includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Ethiopia, Iran, and Egypt, is progressing toward this goal.
"We are leaving the dollar-dominated space and developing the mechanism and tools for a truly independent financial system," he stated by RIA Novosti.

Global Peace, Security, and Prosperity Proposals at SCO

At the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed several initiatives to strengthen regional cooperation:
Solidarity and Mutual Trust: Emphasizing the importance of unity within the SCO.
Peace and Tranquility: Advocating for collective security among all countries.
Prosperity and Development: Promoting regional collaboration through agricultural technology, local economic trade, and environmental innovation. Encouraging the use of China's Beidou Satellite Navigation System and participation in the International Lunar Research Station. Offering digital technology training.
Good-Neighborliness and Friendship: Hosting 1,000 young people from SCO countries in China over the next five years for exchange opportunities.
Fairness and Justice: Supporting a multipolar world and inclusive economic globalization. The SCO should contribute to addressing global deficits in peace, development, security, and governance.
President Xi emphasized that the SCO's success is due to its solidarity and cooperation, and China, as the next president, will continue to work with SCO partners to pursue common progress and a shared future for mankind.

Donald Trump brings back greatness

Donald Trump posted that The United States should now be focused on greatness again after The Supreme Court dismantled most of the charges against him.
In a landmark decision on Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump cannot be prosecuted for actions that were within his constitutional powers as president.
This ruling marks the first recognition of any form of presidential immunity from prosecution.
"Big win for our constitution and democracy. Proud to be an American!", he also stated.

Trump says China, Russia and North Korea will not be enemies

Donald Trump stated that Russia, China, and North Korea would not be considered enemies of the United States if it had a smart president.
He claimed that these countries were not adversaries during his presidency because he knew how to manage relationships with them.
Trump also argued that America's internal issues are more severe than external threats like Russia, China, and North Korea.

Tether Introduces Gold-Backed stablecoin

Tether has introduced Alloy, a series of gold-collateralized assets.
The first product, AUSDT, is a token that mirrors the U.S. dollar's value but is backed by Tether Gold (XAUT).
This innovative approach, created by Tether's subsidiaries, Moon Gold NA and Moon Gold El Salvador, aims to provide stable, gold-backed digital assets.
CEO Paolo Ardoino highlighted the novelty and potential market impact of this mechanism.
Initially available on the Ethereum blockchain, AUSDT allows XAUT holders to transact in a dollar-like currency, with over 8 million AUSDT issued, supported by more than 140 kg of gold.

Putin Announces BRICS Independent Payment System

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that BRICS is developing an independent payment system, free from political pressure and external interference.
Speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin emphasized that countries are racing to strengthen their sovereignty against Western hegemony.
He criticized Western nations for their neo-imperialist intentions and highlighted BRICS+ as a counterweight to Western power.
He noted that BRICS has the potential to attract new members and is actively working on a new payment system to avoid political and economic sanctions.

Turkey Eyes BRICS Membership

June 9 update:
Turkiye's foreign minister will travel to Russia on June 10 to attend a meeting of foreign ministers of the BRICS+.
Older news:
Turkey, a NATO member, is expressing interest in joining BRICS as an alternative to the European Union to enhance its economic prospects.
Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan announced this during his visit to China, as reported by the South China Morning Post.
The matter is expected to be discussed at the upcoming BRICS ministers' meeting in Nizhny Novgorod. Russia, through Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov, has welcomed Turkey's interest, affirming that this initiative will be on the agenda at the next BRICS summit, which Russia is preparing to chair.


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