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December 5, 2020 White House fires Pentagon advisory board members, installs loyalists
December 5, 2020 Deep State Panics, Sends Message, Everything Is About To Change!
December 5, 2020 More Monoliths Found, Coming Planetary Alignment - More Voter Fraud Proof Found?
December 4, 2020 White House remains confident that Judy Shelton will be confirmed to the Federal Reserve
December 4, 2020 Justice Department Files Complaint to Stop Distribution of Unapproved, Misbranded, and Adulterated "Poly-MVA" Products
December 4, 2020 Light-based Quantum Computer Exceeds Fastest Classical Supercomputers
December 4, 2020 Trump Invokes Foreign Interference Provision of His 2018 Executive Order, Authorizing Military Response to Cyber Warfare, See NSPM 13
December 4, 2020 This Is Going To Create Global Chaos And Spike The Price Of Gold Higher
December 4, 2020 Golden Advice: Bet Against The "Experts"
December 3, 2020 Central Banks Add Nearly 23 Tons of Gold to Reserves
December 3, 2020 PROBLEM SOLVED! Omar Says Government Should, Cancel Rent and Mortgage Payments for Everyone
December 3, 2020 Confirmations of High Level Arrests Are Pouring In! Military Tribunals & Martial Law Coming Soon!
December 3, 2020 Senate confirms Christopher Waller to the Fed board as Judy Shelton's path narrows
December 3, 2020 Inflation, Gold, Silver And Real Estate
December 3, 2020 Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price Says President Trump May Use US Military To Remain In Power And Declare Himself Winner Of Election
December 3, 2020 Trump Readies Martial Law Option for Defending the Republic!
December 2, 2020 General McInerney talks Insurrection Act
December 2, 2020 This may be the most important speech Donald Trump ever made
December 2, 2020 WTPC Calls for Trump to Declare Limited Martial Law
December 2, 2020 Michael Flynn, Newly Pardoned, Calls for Trump to 'Temporarily Suspend the Constitution' and Impose Martial Law
December 2, 2020 Trudeau Sells Off All CANADIAN GOLD, Selling Gold Industry To China
December 2, 2020 Lin Wood Urges Trump to Declare Martial Law and Hold New Elections
December 2, 2020 Gold, Silver And Mining Stocks Explode Higher, Silver Is Set To Soar
December 2, 2020 FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will step down on Jan 20
December 2, 2020 White House Slams AG Barr's Claims Of No Election Fraud: "There's Been No Semblance Of A DoJ Investigation"
December 1, 2020 Col. Waldron Confirms US Has a Copy of the Election Night Data 'Traffic and Packets' Sent Overseas to Frankfurt!
December 1, 2020 We Could See $15,000 Gold
December 1, 2020 Mike Adams - Trump: Invoke Insurrection Act, Suspend Habeas Corpus, Declare Martial Law & Initiate Mass Arrests Under Military Authority Says Retired 3-Star General McInerney
December 1, 2020 Bipartisan Senate Group Unveils $908 Billion COVID Relief Plan
December 1, 2020 Arizona Lawmakers Call for Resolution to Hold Back Electoral College Votes


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