Reducing record debt, priority for Trump

Date: September 10, 2020 Category: News

White House says reducing record debt will be big second-term priority for Trump.
The accumulated debt is on track to surpass the size of the entire economy next year for the first time since Wor...

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Gold is real money, store of value, alternative to cash

Date: September 9, 2020 Category: News

Schiff: Because I think they are also underestimating just how much inflation global central banks are going to create - in particular the Federal Reserve - and how much value the US dollar is going t...

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White House was lit gold

Date: September 7, 2020 Category: News

On September 1, the White House was lit gold in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
Over the last half century, substantial progress has been made in the diagnosis and treatment of severa...

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Something will replace the US dollar

Date: September 6, 2020 Category: News

If Washington gets angry at you, it puts sanctions on you. That hurts everybody. So, the Chinese, the Russians, the Indians, the Brazilians, and other countries are starting to look for an alternative...

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Trump announces historic deal between Serbia and Kosovo

Date: September 4, 2020 Category: News

Serbia and Kosovo have agreed to normalize economic relations, following U.S.-brokered talks that include Serbia moving its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem and Kosovo formally recognizing Israel.

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